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Our Story

Born in a Barn

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Buzz Creative Group resides in a red barn on the beautiful countryside of LaMotte, Iowa. Similar to Iowa farms, where it takes many hands, expertise in several areas and extremely hard work to make amazing home grown products, the Buzz Creative crew partners with your marketing team to provide everything from branding to social media planning to animation and more…all under our barn roof.

Raised in casino marketing and operations; we’ve learned effective advertising from the best in the business. So, we’re much different than other advertising traditional agencies, and that’s what makes Buzz Creative a great partner.


Buzz Creative is different than traditional agencies because we…

  • Develop beautiful and purposeful advertising!
  • Create partnerships instead of “just” clients.
  • Work with an entire team, not one lowly account manager.
  • Crank out exceptional creative FAST to meet promotional efforts.
  • Utilizes resources within our two buzz-tastic sister companies – Buzz Analytics and Buzz Entertainment.
  • Have won awards for our work! That’s right, we have some bling to back up our work.
  • Are fun, positive and energetic…definitely fun!


Services we offer include:

  • Branding
  • Print Media
  • Outdoor
  • TV/Radio Scripts
  • Animation
  • Social & Online Strategy


Look over our portfolio and see how Buzz Creative can partner with you to make your purposeful advertising perform exceptionally. If your ready to partner, give us a call or drop us an email today.

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Print Media
Social & Online Strategy

"Creative without strategy is called 'art'. Creative with strategy is called 'advertising'."

Prof. Jef L. Richards